Hair adventures: Meet Snow

Let me introduce you to Snow.


No, I haven’t gone dark – tempted as I am, the prospect of having to wait several years for it to grow back out when I want to go back to red is really putting me off. Been there, done that, got the massive bleaching damage.

But I do love black hair so, so much.

When I was around 20 I dyed my hair dark brown, so dark it pretty much looked black. When I came home my Grandma took one look at me and said: “You look like a dying Snow White!” My reaction was along the lines of “OMG THANK YOU <3 !” Then I realised she hadn’t meant it as a compliment… She basically thought I looked terminally ill with my pale skin set against the raven hair. Well, I’ve always loved the look and I still think Snow White beats all the other princesses for style.

Anyway, after spending years getting to my current shade of flame, I’m not going back to black for real. But I recently came across Black Candy Fashion, my new favourite shop, which has a fantastic range of absolutely stunning (and really good quality) wigs. I may have gone on a shopping spree…

Among the many wigs I’ve fallen in love with is the raven-black, wavy, thick-fringed one from the picture above. Apparently – at least on the photo – it looks so real that people started messaging me to comment on the new hair.

And somehow it’s more than a wig. When I first put it on, some kind of magic happened. A transformation.

I looked at her in the mirror and she looked back and said, “Hi. I am Snow.”

Her fringe needs a bit of a trim, and she needs an outfit and a story. But so far, I really like her a lot.

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