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Because the one thing your cat definitely wants is a crochet hat

This made its way into my inbox today.

Cats need food, water, a life without dogs. But what do cats want? Hats. Of course they do – they’re vain, fickle creatures and a hat lends them instant cool.


Crochet cat hats. For the fashion-conscious feline, I suppose.


I have no idea where this delightful snippet of information originally came from, but the crazy cat lady crocheter’s Etsy page lives here.

Technology marketing vs feminism

We were about to get all upset about a really stupid technology/gadget marketing strategy: Eurostar’s ePad Femme.

Because apparently women can only handle a tablet if it comes pre-loaded with yoga, dieting, pregnancy and cooking apps. Ya know, because we don’t need to worry our pretty little heads about anything else. (And it’s pink. Obviously.)

But then we founded a new feminist-scientific-religious movement instead. It is based on the gospel according to Kristina:

It’s only because men are not as evolved as women. Even if looking from the religious point of view – God made the earth, the animals then a man and only women last – as you can see the pattern here is starting from the inanimate to the most intelligent. Argument proved in any situation.

We’re not sure what to call our movement yet, but sacrificial Snickers will play a key role.