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re:View – The 2014 Bookshelf II

It’s Bookshelf time! I haven’t reviewed any books for ages, so let’s do a quick round before I forget all about them. It’s been a good year for reading so far – even though I’ve been spending a lot of time on my new workout routine, I’ve managed to set lots of time aside for books. Happiness all around.

Adventures, weirdos, tattoos, gods, satanic cats and potential spoilers after the break.


PS: I’m ditching the Amazon links. Explore your local bookshop!

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Because the one thing your cat definitely wants is a crochet hat

This made its way into my inbox today.

Cats need food, water, a life without dogs. But what do cats want? Hats. Of course they do – they’re vain, fickle creatures and a hat lends them instant cool.


Crochet cat hats. For the fashion-conscious feline, I suppose.


I have no idea where this delightful snippet of information originally came from, but the crazy cat lady crocheter’s Etsy page lives here.

The little Scooby monster

I haven’t put any cats on the internet lately, so let me show you some new images of the Scooby. (The cat formerly known as Hunter, formerly known as Steadman, formerly known as Russell.)

(We’re settled on Scooby now, by the way.)

I may have told you that the Scooby used to be afraid of everything. So afraid, in fact, that he didn’t come out of the wardrobe for the first five weeks we had him. Well, he has certainly settled in now. The Scooby owns the flat, he owns the bed and the sofa, especially the boyfriend’s lap for the entire duration of the weekend (and don’t even think of trying to slide out from under him), he is very talkative (especially from your first stir in bed on a Saturday/Sunday morning to the time you eventually give up, get up and feed him), and he is generally the friendliest, cuddliest little fluffmouse we ever could have hoped for.

He’s also just the right kind of a bit special

Response code is 404


…is a concept our little Fluffninja maybe hasn’t fully grasped yet.

But otherwise, he’s doing fine, and developing into a very cuddly cat indeed.

Meet the Wardrobe Monster

Let’s add a bit of cat to the internet. (Because, clearly, there aren’t enough cats on the internet these days.)

Two weeks ago we adopted a cat from Cats Protection North London*.

We named him Steadman (because The Boyfriend is a bit of a fan and spotted a certain similarity to Steadman’s cats), but mostly he gets called Fluffninja or Wardrobe Monster. Because, being the terrified little stray cat he has been for most of his life, he moved directly into the most hidden space in our wardrobe and hasn’t really come out much since. Except to eat some chicken.

He’s making slow but steady progress, though, so there’s hope that he will settle in soon.

And here he is, our little Fluff:

Night cat / day cat

*Awesome place, by the way. The lovely people at the adoption centre are doing a fantastic job caring for all those poor kitties, and were incredibly quick and helpful in sorting out the adoption.