re:View – Third Star

I’ll keep this one brief because I want you all to watch this movie and I can’t possibly spoil it.

Third Star is a quiet, soul-searching kind of film about friendship and love and life, that follows a terminally ill young man and his three best friends on their final big adventure together – a hiking trip to the remote Welsh countryside.

The premise is simple enough, but this movie is deep, heavy stuff. After watching the end I felt physically sick – I literally just wanted to curl up in a corner and be ill. I couldn’t even cry; this film is beyond crying. That’s how well it is made, and acted. Its impact is so real that it leaves you feeling like you’ve just been kicked in the stomach.

This movie is beautiful and terrible and I never want to watch it again because I couldn’t sit through the ending a second time. But you need to watch it. Watch it now.

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Pens: 5 out of 5, and a gold pen to Benedict Cumberbatch for acting pain so well it just hurts.

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