The X-Files Revival Diary:
Episode 4, Home Again

Dear Diary,

Another great episode! This series 10 is shaping up a lot better than I had ever dared to hope. Although I have to say, Chris Carter is a total bastard for putting Scully through personal hell all over again – like she hasn’t suffered enough already in the original series. But I guess that’s life: not fair.

Granted, this wasn’t the most imaginative episode ever in Monster of the Week terms. The case had barely enough substance to hold the plot together, and very obviously was intended mainly as a canvas for the development of Scully personal story. But that’s more than okay with me.

So, diary, here are some thoughts on the episode, as always.


Uuugh. That’s a guy with a mega grudge. Ouch.

Although to be fair, I’ve been through days in the office where I wished I could have torn people into bits with my bare hands…

F.B.I. in the house.


The Band Aid Nose Man? Doesn’t sound like the scariest monster of the week, to be honest.

Holy crap. I guess Band Aid Nose Man is quite scary, actually.

Oh no, not Mama Scully! As if Dana hasn’t suffered enough already!

“I’m here.” Oh, Mulder… heart


“I don’t care about the big questions right now Mulder. I just want one more chance to ask my mum a few little ones.” broken-heart

A slow and painful hunt-and-kill scene set to “Downtown”. Beautifully shot, scary and super sinister – just like in the old days.

THIS CONVERSATION!!! heartbroken-heart

“Back in the day didn’t we ever come across the ability to just wish somebody back to life?”
– “I invented it, when you were in hospital like this.”


“You’re a dark wizard, Mulder.”
– “What else is new?”



Mama Scully dies after uttering the most heartbreaking last words ever. I don’t think Dana needed to be reminded of her lost son yet again, grandma.

Scully deals with her grief in the old, tried and tested way, by storming off to work.

That was one hell of a take-down! Even after fifteen years away from the job and while stricken with grief, Scully can still take down an armed guy within a fraction of a second, while wearing a skirt and high heels. Just like back in the day. heart

Meanwhile, Mulder admits that he isn’t quite in the shape to chase a suspect up a set of stairs anymore. Lolz.

“Mulder, back in the day I used to do stairs, AND in three inch heels.”

“Scully, back in the day *flashes flashlight* is now.”



A very heart-breaking episode ends with a little more heartbreak when Scully admits that she still has massive regrets about her son. I really do hope that they’re building up to a William reunion in the last couple of episodes here. Otherwise I might cry.

“I believe that you will find all of your answers. You will find the answers to the biggest mysteries, and I will be there when you do.”

Oh, Scully… broken-heart

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