I saw Aerosmith! And they’re amazing! (Of course!)

Wow. I was trying to save this until I’ve calmed the fuck down, and then write about it properly. But it’s been two days and I’ll probably never calm down because seeing Aerosmith live – finally, after fifteen years of being in the wrong place at the wrong time or having no money – absolutely blew my mind.

I mean, what legends. To be rocking this hard in their, what, sixties? Seventies? And they still sound better live than most bands do in the studio.

Here’s a little video, just because this song means the world, and because real men play piano! (I never even knew he did. Imagine my poor old piano girl heart when Steven Fucking Tyler sat down at the piano and started playing…) And that’s the only reason they’re allowed to stand on a white baby grand with their shoes on, tsk tsk!

Ah, well. I was in love with Steven Tyler when I was 15, still in love with him now.

(Not sure whether he’s just high or also mad, but he’s doing it right.)

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