Farewell 2013

How can this year be over already? I swear it was February, like, two weeks ago.

In the past few days I’ve been seeing people’s new year’s resolutions appearing all over the internet, which reminded me to check on how I did with mine in the past year. Because, what’s the point in having resolutions if they’re forgotten by mid January…

On 31 December 2012 I said that in 2013 I would:

  1. learn to play acoustic and electric guitar
  2. learn a new song on the piano every month
  3. read one book per week
  4. (finally review all the books I read in 2012)
  5. learn to use the DSLR
  6. bake something new once a month
  7. listen to more new and live music


  1. I didn’t. I haven’t even picked up my guitar since February. After picking up piano again at the beginning of the year I decided to get back into classical; and I’ve spent about an hour a day practising that instead. Rather than a cop-out I’ll consider this one a change of focus ;)
  2. Kind of. I didn’t learn new songs as I intended when I wrote this (as in learn to play and sing pop / rock songs I like), but I did learn one song by Richie Sambora (for his cover contest) and eleven classical pieces so, check.
  3. Check. (Goodreads challenge link for the book nerds.)
  4. Check. Check. Check. Check. Check. Check. (I’m way behind on the 2013 reviews though…)
  5. I don’t think “managed to take some decent photos using the auto settings” counts, so, nope :(
  6. Didn’t quite manage the “once a month” bit but I’ve tried quite a few new things. (To be found on the baking blog.)
  7. Live highlights: Kamelot, Sonata Arctica, Morrissey & Marshall, Yundi Li, Jean Muller, Exit Ten. New discoveries: Silent Voices, Seventh Wonder, James Rhodes, Bright Eyes. Re-discoveries: The Civil Wars, Chopin. It’s been a good year for music.

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