A sunshine smoothie to keep the summer going

Apologies for the lack of recipes in recent weeks! Life’s been a bit crazy. In happy news we adopted a tiny stray cat who is very pregnant and also a little whirlwind, so I’ve spent the past two weeks chasing after this new troublemaker and helping her settle into her new home. Then I caught some mystery virus that put me to bed for days with a fever and no appetite, and the resulting lack of exercise and healthy eating triggered my IBS pretty badly…

Anyhow I’m back on my feet and the first thing I made was a summery smoothie to recharge myself with vitamins and happy feels. This one’s all sweet and creamy and generally wonderful.


Sweet summer smoothie

1 banana
90g mango
80g pineapple
150g white grapes
1 pear
1 peach
3 tbsp oats
200ml coconut milk (I use Koko Dairy Free)

Blitz everything, sit in the sun and enjoy.

For quick and easy portioning of mangoes and pineapples, I freeze them in bite-sized chunks to chuck into smoothies as and when needed.

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