Food obsession: Krisprolls wholegrain complets

It’s no secret: I LOVE bread. The crispier and grainier, the better.

And now I have discovered a new bread love: Krisprolls wholegrain complets.

When my housemate brought home a bag of Krisprolls I ‘sampled’ (ok, stole) one as soon as she turned her back on it. (Don’t worry, I replaced it. I didn’t have a choice because I ate half the bag before I even realised, so I immediately went and bought her a new one!)

Krisprolls are my new snacking heaven: small enough for a little in-between treat, wonderfully crispy, and they work well with both sweet and savoury toppings.


Here are two favourites: cashew butter + sliced strawberries (or grapes, or bananas), and hummus and green olives.

Ok, maybe not so much of a snack, as I tend to eat a meal’s worth in one go. But oh so delicious.

Thanks, Sweden! <3